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Hi everyone!

Thanks to my friends' support in making 'The Mad Artist' project become a reality, I got a business partner and we have started collecting art from all over the world, through our friends and more. 

We are thus very glad to say that we want YOUR art too, a collection of beautiful works from the Deviantart community to be featured on our TMA platform (due to launch on 1st February). If you are interested to be part of this artistic innovative project, join us and submit your art in our Deviantart group: TMA-NewTalents! :)

Feel free to invite your artist friends as well!

Good luck!


I hate myself for saying this, but when I feel like chilling in the morning, doing nothing, I open my Facebook and scroll down my news feed. The nice thing about my news feed is that, since a news feed depends on the previous posts you liked and such, I keep seeing either inspiring/writing quotes or beautiful artworks. I'm especially a fan of Word Porn and berlin-artparasites.

If you've been following this blog for a while, despite my recent irregularity, you know that I'm also as much of a writer as a reader, and also that I'm as much of a visual artist (especially seen on my instagram) as a viewer and appreciator of art.

So, I was doing my usual online routine when an idea occurred to me. And 'The Mad Artist' Project was born.

What is that 'crazy' project?

Nothing has been done yet, because I would like some opinions from a little of everywhere before I do begin it; but in theory, 'The Mad Artist' is going to be a start-up Facebook platform for starting or established artists (digital, traditional, photographers, you name it) to get to promote their best art on a weekly/monthly basis. If I do get to go along with the project, I will start it as a Facebook page first, then expand to a website and Instagram and more maybe.

Why this project?

You see, I am sometimes an artist too, but often, my student life gets in the way and I just stop. Moreover, every time I feel like making my brand, I tend to falter and shift to another style, thus I'm way too inconsistent in art to have a signature style and build my own 'empire'. However, I'm consistently looking out for artsy things, especially during my Facebook time, since I do have creative friends and I do like a lot of such pages, and I really appreciate art, and sometimes I just wish I could help those consistent and dedicated artists in a way.

Besides, I think that being an independent artist (my targeted audience for the project for the time being) requires not only to make art but also to promote it... and the project is going to take care of that second job, at least, I hope it's going to give more exposure and encourage mingles among the different artists I know.

It will basically be a platform for uniting my favourite arts and at the same time for more exposure for busy creative artists.

If you are confused, here's a prototype of how a post on the page would look like: a photo/the art and a caption by me (because I do love to write and I did enjoy doing the Picture it & Write challenges long before on this blog, which has the same concept):

""She might as well have been a porcelain doll. She was played with, but she could not play with."

Art by DaphYin Art."

Porcelain Doll by DaphYin

A short and matching quote or something, then the name of the artist, hyperlinked to his/her own artist's Facebook page most preferably, but if the artist does not have one, then I'll put the link of their website or deviantart or whatever platform they use just below the name.

Hey, but there are Facebook pages that already do things like that, right?

Yes, and they have been my inspiration for this project. Why I want to start a new one is mainly because most of those Facebook pages have already been established to the extent that it is hard for young new artists to make an appearance. In addition, I really enjoy those types of pages and making another one would, personally, only diversify my news feed further in terms of art.

But to make 'The Mad Artist' happen, I need your help.

Should I go for it or not? Please let me know in the comments, and if you are genuinely interested in participating in this project as an artist who wants to showcase their work on a new promotional Facebook platform... do mention it too! Let's try our luck, shall we?

Unfortunately, I'm not currently going to involve money in all of this, so no costs from my side or yours; for now, everything in the project is free. Free promotion, free service, free exposure; so if you are okay with showcasing your art in my project for free, then we are good to go!

If this project really does take place (and that will depend on YOU guys, no pressure! Stupid or cool idea?), I will most probably launch it on the 1st February.

I welcome every artist (including photographers) who want to send me one of their works to be published in February with a link to your Facebook page (most preferably, since we'll be on Facebook) or alternative.

Email me at to submit your (best) art for evaluation or to inquire further details.

It's indeed a new year, so why not take a chance?

Good luck!

It's all about putting in your best work and presenting them in a comprehensible way and by that I mean that you may:
1. Date all your work
2. Divide them into sections (like different galleries: still life, human anatomy, portraits etc)
3. Use a variety of techniques and methods
4. Simply make it interesting by being orderly!

I tackled this subject in greater detail in my latest video: How to make an Art Portfolio!

Until next time,
Hey guys, 
I'm sorry I didn't update you about my art channel for a while.
So what you missed is... a Visual Artist Tag! Yeah I've been tagged by my YouTube friends, and here are the questions I had to answer:
1. What does "being creative" mean to you?
2. Can you describe the time when you first realized that creating was something you absolutely had to do?
3. What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have?
4. What's your favourite thing you've ever created?
5. What are you trying to communicate with your art?
6. Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven't yet?
7. What's the best advice you ever had about how to be more creative?

And here's the video where I answer them: THE V.A. TAG!!!

Feel free to answer them as well as a journal entry or video (link them to me then) or simply in the comment box below; yep I'm tagging all of you! :)

I also filmed my first serious art video, a kind of cinematic type, like a little documentary, but that's more based on self-expression than just facts; it's called Life, I'm Scared. (check it out!)

Until next time, 
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Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well! 
I've been sitting for exams for more than a week now, but as the holidays are approaching, I couldn't stop thinking of the many projects I'll have to do and complete during my future free time. 
Art-related, I have:
- A painting on canvas to complete
- A portfolio to assemble
These two are to be submitted by September to my art teacher from my fun art courses that I always talk about ^^ 
Then there's a third project and that is:
- To vlog more about art!
As you might know I now have a YouTube channel in which I upload speed drawings... and lately, vlogs! So I've been video blogging and I aim at sharing even more art information during the holidays, maybe concerning the making of an art portfolio for example. 
My channel is growing, slowly but surely, and I will be glad that you would all be part of my art adventure that I share on YouTube :) It's great to have support on something I really intend to pursue later.

And thus, here's my latest art vlog, that of this week:
Along with BLOOPERS!

Enjoy! And have a great week!

Hey, it's been a while! 
And the reason I'm lost is because Wordpress just suspended my account for no given reason although my blog can still be viewed. I just can't enter my dashboard or post anymore, so I guess the only place I've left for writing out to the world is... here. 

The main reason why I haven't submitted any art lately is because as you've probably seen on my first vlog, I'm working on that big painting on canvas project for my art courses, and also because I'm currently in school exams period. Then last week I published my latest new vlog called 'I'm An Illegal Art Student' and before my exams started I also recently uploaded a speed drawing (yes it's been a while!!) or mainly a mixed media art piece called The Awakening which I'll submit here as soon as I've finished to write this journal entry. So it means that while I can't blog, I'll start hanging out more here on DeviantArt, trying to submit more art and on YouTube as well, and you can support my art by subscribing HERE!

I feel lost without the Worpress community, since it was the only virtual community in which I really felt part of... but well, it's internet, and I realised we can't really rely on it since what happened to my wordpress account, so I better get other alternatives. Like the DeviantArt community and the YouTube one as well...? :)

I know it's been a while since I submitted any drawing here or even on my young YouTube channel, but I've got everything explained through a video: my very first vlog!
Feel free to check it out here:…

Have a nice Music Day tomorrow and a great weekend!
Yes, this is my third uploaded Youtube speed drawing: that of the evil dreamcatcher! (which I've already posted here in DeviantArt well before I uploaded the video)
You can watch it here:…

Till next time :)
Hey, do you remember my latest drawing submitted here on Deviantart? It's the portrait of Arya Stark from Game of Thrones... and in fact I had recorded the process! So here is my second time lapse video:…

I think I still have to get used to it, since drawing an eye is very different from drawing a portrait so that's why I had to change the angle of the camera: I just can't draw while it's in front of me! And I have a small tripod. Anyway, I guess my videos will be better with practice :)

Till next time,
So I did it. Yes I did!
My very first time lapse drawing. Not perfect, still experimenting, but well, it's live:…
Enjoy and tell me what you think!
I've been watching YouTube videos of speed/time lapse drawing for a while now and I've got a strong urge to try it out. I don't know though; my camera doesn't have the time lapse function, so I'll have to do the speed thing manually and it isn't compatible with Sony Vegas Pro, although it's a Sony camera lol, anyway, I think I'll give it a try, since I've already made short videos with it... I only need a tripod :)
If I ever get the chance to do a successful time lapse video, I'll keep you all updated!
Until then,
I've become addicted to watercolour painting: watching a lot of speed videos on YouTube and practising on A4 papers...
And by that I mean, really, really, addicted...

Lol. xD
Hey! Tomorrow I'm going to my weekly Art courses and we are currently doing portraits. I love this part of the course the most because I've always been in love with pencil drawing and shading, especially concerning the face because I'm also a makeup artist amateur... For tomorrow's homework, I'm trying a few faces and... I'll see what I can submit here :)
Stay tuned!
To be sincere and direct, I've never been very much active on Deviantart, thus I've never really explored all of it; I was mainly concentrating on getting better at digital art, and today at traditional art, but as I browsed the galleries here, I realised that I created art in other forms as well, and which I could post here! Like culinary projects, jewellery...
I feel that I'll have a lot of uploading to do... and maybe putting things much more in order on my profile :)

Until next time...
Omg I haven't meddle with digital art for so long, because of school and activities... I was just so busy! And also discouraged because I would not be getting my tablet soon for me to draw...
Yet, I'm back to the traditional art, drawing with pencils and paints... I'm taking art courses actually, just as a hobby, as something fun to do every Saturday morning :) And thus I think I will be able to update this Deviantart profile of mine from time to time!

That's all for now. I'll have to get used to this Deviantart thing back again. ;)
Alright so I've decided that from now on, I try to do a complete deviation - a full drawing with all the colours etc... not only one eye etc.
This will take time as I also have other resposibilities, and I still don't own a tablet so... But I'll try to do my best to render the most beautiful paintings I've ever done in my entire life!
I'm also currently in the middle of my exams. But I'll do it anyway! I want that all my watchers and friends are given the best of drawings from me, so that no one will regret of watching this deviant page. :) You're all worth more than a plain black and white mouth or eyes. :) I want everyone to enjoy  their visit here. I'll work hard. Might take months, but I'll do it, just like I did with my Youtube channel (…) or with my blogs... :)

See ya guys!
I can't believe that exams are starting on Monday.
Exams that will change my life... uh? I hope so!
I'm going to sit at the Cambridge O-level exams for one month!!
So horrible...
Anyway just to tell you in case I can't find time to draw.

Have a nice weekend!
While I was wondering what to paint for you this week, I kept on staring at the sky. I travel a lot as there's tuition then family gatherings and all... Then I remember how one day I wanted to paint the sky... But when I did art at school I didn't like it, I guess I wasn't talented at watercolour painting lol! Therefore I decided to paint a cute sky and clouds for you guys :D it's my latest deviation! Hope you like it :)

-We are often left alone for our uniqueness... -
Hi guys! Really sorry if I didn't paint anything new for now... I'm rather busy with school work and all that... but I'll think I should tell you that I'll try to do a least one painting per week... I'm still a beginner so I'm sort of slow lol! Hope I'll improve over time and make some more drawings for you :D

Love ya!

Before I came into this flow of digital painting, I was completely into makeup (and I still am). I even have a blog about it: daphyin-makeupisart.blogspot.c…

How I fell in love with digital painting? This is thanks to makeup, because it's almost the same, just that makeup is done on real faces...

So before I had photoshop I decided to do some painting on Paint on one of my face charts and here was the result:…

Very um... beginner like right? and in an unsuitable program... but then after I did that I was now sure of one thing:

I was ready to embrace Digital Painting and learn everything about it! :)

Therefore I downloaded Photoshop CS5.1...
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