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Hey, it's been a while! 
And the reason I'm lost is because Wordpress just suspended my account for no given reason although my blog can still be viewed. I just can't enter my dashboard or post anymore, so I guess the only place I've left for writing out to the world is... here. 

The main reason why I haven't submitted any art lately is because as you've probably seen on my first vlog, I'm working on that big painting on canvas project for my art courses, and also because I'm currently in school exams period. Then last week I published my latest new vlog called 'I'm An Illegal Art Student' and before my exams started I also recently uploaded a speed drawing (yes it's been a while!!) or mainly a mixed media art piece called The Awakening which I'll submit here as soon as I've finished to write this journal entry. So it means that while I can't blog, I'll start hanging out more here on DeviantArt, trying to submit more art and on YouTube as well, and you can support my art by subscribing HERE!

I feel lost without the Worpress community, since it was the only virtual community in which I really felt part of... but well, it's internet, and I realised we can't really rely on it since what happened to my wordpress account, so I better get other alternatives. Like the DeviantArt community and the YouTube one as well...? :)

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Submitted on
July 6, 2013